The Rénove-Brayonne company is particularly attached to the renovation of the old houses, allowing very often to renovate with the materials of origin, to keep the style of the houses. Every project is carefully studied to choose with you the most adapted materials, and the best compromise between the esthetics, the technical qualities and the costs.

The Norman real estate property contains one very large number of buildings conceived with one skeletons wood and some cob, also stones, bricks, flint. Our elders used these materials for four simple reasons, which appreciably changed for these last decades:

  • - Their cost little raised at the time of the construction,
  • - Their origin premises , and thus easy to find,
  • - Their insulating qualities,
  • - In the end, their qualities so authentic as esthetics.

The great majority of people who since then, inherited from these houses, barns, small farmhouses, all with a unique stamp or who bought them have, very fortunately, very in heart to maintain them, to preserve them or to renovate them in the style of origin.
It is also the passion of Philippe Troussé and his team, to restore these heritage, to return its authenticity, and even better return it functional, thanks to innovative internal arrangements, to optimize the occupation of the internal volumes. However, besides their esthetics qualities, these materials of former days lost nothing of their insulating powers, so becoming integrated into the last energy regulations

Renovate Brayonne realize all your works of general masonry, under construction and in renovations:

  • - Realization of paving stones of concrete, hemps, lime, concrete polystyrene, insulations on the ground, …
  • - Supplies and lay of stone floors, earthenware, wills cérame, terra-cottas, natural stones, tiled floors for kitchens, bathrooms and rooms to be lived and any interior designs
  • - Installation of fillers in the lime, the walls in massive materials and in facing (cob, concrete of hemps, bricks, stones, flint, etc.)
  • - Creation, installation and renovation of fireplaces of any styles.
  • - She also proposes you the supply and the installation of your windows and wooden doors, pvc and aluminum.
  • - Insulation of walls and attic, high and low floors, We bring you the best councils for the choice of your materials, whatever is your project. For the creation, the installation and the renovation of fireplaces, we realize any styles of new or old fireplaces.

For the comfort of your accommodation housing, a good insulation is essential. The quality of products proposed by Rénove Brayonne will insure you an insulation optimum. We use natural or traditional insulations, every fully qualified teachers.

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